4800mah MobiNote M300N M310N M350B M360C M375C M385E Battery

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Clevo M300N M310N M350B M360C M375C M385E Battery

Replace Part Numbers: Computer 87-M308S-4C5, Brick Computer M300BAT-6, Brick Computer M310BAT-6, Brick Computer M375BAT-6, ChiliGreen 87-M308S-4C5, ChiliGreen M300BAT-6, ChiliGreen M310BAT-6, ChiliGreen M375BAT-6, Clevo 87-M308S-4C5, Clevo M300BAT-6, Clevo M310BAT-6, Clevo M375BAT-6, EnFace 87-M308S-4C5, EnFace M300BAT-6, EnFace M310BAT-6, EnFace M375BAT-6, Eurocom 87-M308S-4C5, Eurocom M300BAT-6, Eurocom M310BAT-6, Eurocom M375BAT-6, Fortune 87-M308S-4C5, Fortune M300BAT-6, Fortune M310BAT-6, Fortune M375BAT-6, Gericom 87-M308S-4C5, Gericom M300BAT-6, Gericom M310BAT-6, Gericom M375BAT-6, Hyundai 87-M308S-4C5, Hyundai M300BAT-6, Hyundai M310BAT-6, Hyundai M375BAT-6, Issam 87-M308S-4C5, Issam M300BAT-6, Issam M310BAT-6, Issam M375BAT-6, LittleBit 87-M308S-4C5, LittleBit M300BAT-6, LittleBit M310BAT-6, LittleBit M375BAT-6, Pointer Systems 87-M308S-4C5, Pointer Systems M300BAT-6, Pointer Systems M310BAT-6, Pointer Systems M375BAT-6, Prisma Book 87-M308S-4C5, Prisma Book M300BAT-6, Prisma Book M310BAT-6, Prisma Book M375BAT-6, Rainbow 87-M308S-4C5, Rainbow M300BAT-6, Rainbow M310BAT-6, Rainbow M375BAT-6, Sager 87-M308S-4C5, Sager M300BAT-6, Sager M310BAT-6, Sager M375BAT-6, Stamp 87-M308S-4C5, Stamp M300BAT-6, Stamp M310BAT-6, Stamp M375BAT-6, Tronic 5 87-M308S-4C5, Tronic 5 M300BAT-6, Tronic 5 M310BAT-6, Tronic 5 M375BAT-6, Xeron 87-M308S-4C5, Xeron M300BAT-6, Xeron M310BAT-6, Xeron M375BAT-6

Fits models: AJP M300N, BolData BolData M37EW, Brick Computer Mobile Warrior M300N, ChiliGreen Mobilitas CT C5-375E, ChiliGreen Mobilitas CT C5-375E WX, Clevo M300N, Clevo M310N, Clevo M350B, Clevo M350C, Clevo M360B, Clevo M360C, Clevo M361C, Clevo M362C, Clevo M375C, Clevo M375E, Clevo M375EW, Clevo M375S, Clevo M37EW, Clevo M385C, Clevo M385E, Clevo MobiNote M300N, Clevo MobiNote M310N, Clevo MobiNote M350B, Clevo MobiNote M350C, Clevo MobiNote M360B, Clevo MobiNote M360C, Clevo MobiNote M361C, Clevo MobiNote M362C, Clevo MobiNote M375C, Clevo MobiNote M375E, Clevo MobiNote M375EW, Clevo MobiNote M375S, Clevo MobiNote M37EW, Clevo MobiNote M385C, Clevo MobiNote M385E, EnFace Ethane 360C, EnFace Ethane 375C, Eurocom M350C Milano, Fortune M350C, Fortune M375C, Fortune M375E, Gericom Cinema, Hyundai M-Life M350C, Hyundai M-Life M350C-BJD, Issam SmartBook i-M350C, Issam SmartBook M350C, LittleBit Idol 550, Pointer Systems M375C, Prisma Book PrismaBook M300N, Prisma Book PrismaBook M350C, Rainbow M350C Milano, Sager 3750, Sager 3760, Sager 3790, Sager M350, Sager M375E, Sager M37EW, Sager NP3750, Sager NP3760, Sager NP3790, Stamp M350C, Tronic 5 C37E (M375E), Tronic 5 M300N, Tronic 5 M35C (M350C), Xeron Sonic Screen
Battery Model: M350C-BJD

Volt: 11.1V
Capacity: 4800mAh
Color: Blue
Battery Cell 18650x6x2400

  • Model: 4800mah MobiNote M300N M310N M35
  • 2000 Units in Stock
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